GI Tag of Banarasi Paan

1. Geographical Indication (GI) tag is a type of intellectual property protection given to products that are unique to a particular region or area. Banarasi Paan, a popular mouth freshener made with betel leaf, is one such product that has been granted a GI tag.

2. Banarasi Paan is named after the city of Banaras (also known as Varanasi) in Uttar Pradesh, India. The paan is made by wrapping betel nut, catechu, lime, and other ingredients in a betel leaf, and it is believed to have originated in Banaras several centuries ago.

3. The GI tag for Banarasi Paan was granted in 2009, recognizing the unique qualities and characteristics of the paan that are attributed to its place of origin. The tag ensures that only paan makers in the Banaras region can use the name Banarasi Paan and sell the product with that name.

4. The Banarasi Paan is known for its distinct flavor, aroma, and quality. The paan is made using traditional methods, and the ingredients are carefully chosen and blended to create the perfect taste. The betel leaf used in Banarasi Paan is also known for its softness and tenderness.

5. The GI tag has helped to protect and promote the Banarasi Paan, creating a sense of pride and recognition for the traditional paan makers in Banaras. It has also helped to create a distinct identity for the product in the market, increasing its value and demand both in India and abroad.