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Experience Authentic Assamese Cuisine: 10 Dishes to Try in Assam

Assam, located in the northeast region of India, is known for its scenic beauty, diverse culture, and cuisine. Assamese cuisine is a delightful blend of flavors, textures, and aromas that will leave your taste buds wanting more. If you’re planning a visit to Assam, here are 10 authentic Assamese dishes that you absolutely must try:

10 Dishes to Try in Assam
10 Dishes to Try in Assam
  1. Assamese Thali – A traditional meal that includes rice, dal, mixed vegetable curry, fish or meat curry, and pickles.
  2. Khar – A signature dish of Assam made with raw papaya, pulses, and a unique ingredient called khar (an alkaline extract derived from burnt banana peels).
  3. Masor Tenga – A sour fish curry made with tomatoes and elephant apples.
  4. Xoru Mai – A dish made with sticky rice and herbs, served with boiled vegetables, fish, and meat.
  5. Ouu Tenga Bilahi Jol – A sour soup made with elephant apple and tomato, usually served as a refreshing starter.
  6. Khorika – A grilled meat dish made with chicken or pork, marinated in a blend of spices and herbs.
  7. Pitha – A traditional Assamese dessert made with rice flour, coconut, and jaggery, usually steamed or fried.
  8. Aloo Pitika – A mashed potato dish mixed with mustard oil, onions, and chilies.
  9. Payash – A creamy rice pudding dessert made with milk, rice, and sugar.
  10. Bamboo Shoot Pickle – A tangy and spicy pickle made with bamboo shoots, mustard oil, and chilies.

These 10 dishes represent only a fraction of the rich and varied Assamese cuisine. Whether you’re a food lover or just looking to explore the local flavors, trying these authentic Assamese dishes will give you a glimpse into the culinary culture of this beautiful state. So, the next time you visit Assam, make sure to experience the authentic taste of these 10 Assamese dishes and indulge in a truly unforgettable culinary journey.

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