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Assam Bihu cuisine

Assam Bihu Cuisine


The Assam Bihu cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultural heritage and rich culinary traditions of
the Indian state of Assam. Bihu is a set of three festivals that celebrates in Assam to mark the change of seasons.
The Rongali or Bohag Bihu, which celebrates in April, marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year and the
onset of the spring season. The Magh Bihu, celebrated in January, marks the end of the harvest season,
and the Kongali or Kati Bihu, celebrated in October, marks the completion of the sowing season.

Assam Bihu Cuisine

Each Bihu festival has its own set of traditional dishes that was prepare and enjoy by the people of Assam. The Rongali Bihu celebrates with great fanfare and is mark by feasting, dancing, and singing.
The traditional dishes that is prepare during this festival include fish curry, dail (lentil) porridge,
and xaak (a leafy vegetable) with tenga (sour curry).

The Magh Bihu is celebrate with a community feast, known as the Bhelaghar, where people
gather around a fire to cook and eat traditional dishes. The traditional dishes that is prepare during
this festival include bamboo shoots, fish curry, and pitha (a type of rice cake).

Assam Bihu Cuisine

The Kongali Bihu is a more sober and contemplative festival, and the traditional dishes that are
prepared during this festival are simple and austere. The traditional dishes that is prepare during
this festival include dail (lentil) porridge and xaak (a leafy vegetable) with tenga (sour curry).

Overall, Assam Bihu cuisine is a unique blend of diverse cultural influences, from the indigenous tribes of
Assam to the immigrants from neighboring regions. The use of fresh and locally available ingredients, such
as fish, vegetables, and herbs, is an important aspect of Assam Bihu cuisine. The use of traditional cooking
methods, such as cooking over wood fires, also adds to the distinct flavor and aroma of the dishes. This cuisine
is not only a celebration of the change of seasons but also a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and
traditions of the people of Assam.

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