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Know the 12 dishes for Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner

Why do we serve 12 foods at Christmas Eve dinner in Poland?

It’s known where the tradition of serving 12 foods on Christmas Eve first emerged. The number of apostles, of which there
were twelve, is often the first connection that people make when thinking about the twelve dishes.


Christmas Eve dinner used to be served with seven different foods, representing the seven days of the week. Another meaning
of seven is perfection. This unwritten custom was mostly developed by poor families that could not afford to buy additional
food for Christmas Eve.
After a while, as many Christmas Eve dishes as there are angelic choirs started to be placed on the table.

Later, there were twelve dishes instead of the previous eight. That has been the current situation today. Due to the fact that
not everyone could buy this many dishes, for our forefathers, this quantity represented riches above all else. Some people
also believed that since there are so many months in a year, 12 meals should be made on Christmas Eve.

Many Eastern European nations, such as Polish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian, typically prepare a twelve-dish Christmas Eve dinner.

Although the specific food may vary from nation to nation, many of them are common worldwide. No meat, eggs, or milk
(including cheese) are permitted during the supper due to the Nativity Fast. As a result, the major options are fish,
mushrooms, and different kinds of grains.

For example:-
Red borscht
Christmas mushroom/fish/almond soup
Cabbage with peas and mushrooms
Cabbage with mushrooms
Dumplings/Pierogi with cabbage
Vegetable Salad

Regarding beverages, cranberry kisiel and dried fruit compote are typically popular. Oaten kisiel was more typical
in past times.

The Christmas Eve lunch often begins in the evening after the first star emerges in the sky and is lit only by candles.
In Christian tradition, the star represents the birth of Jesus, whereas in pre-Christian beliefs, it represents the soul
of departed ancestors. Christmas Eve dinner typically takes place in a serene, ethereal setting with dim lights.

Wish you all the visitors Merry Christmas.

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