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How Vitamin A Benefit for our health?

Vitamin A Benefit

How Does Vitamin A Benefit our Health?

Vitamin A, along with all other
vitamins, minerals, and other compounds is an essential nutrient that supports our skin, eye, and reproductive health, as
well as the immune system. It helps our body’s natural defense against illness and infection work properly.

Preformed Vitamin A is also available in animals like meat, poultry,
and dairy Provitamin A or Carotenoids are available in plant products like fruit as well as vegetables. Vitamin A from food is mainly stored in the liver until the human body
requires it with that it is also bound to protein before being transported where it requires it.

Some of the Good sources of Vitamin A:-
1) Cheese
2) Eggs
3) Oily Fist
4) Fortified low-fat spreads
5) Milk and Yogurt

If we categorize Vitamin A (Retinoids) in Animal products. They are:-
2)Beef Liver
3)Dairy Products as mentioned above.
5)Cod Liver oil

Carotenoids can be found in plant products. They are:-
3)Sweet Potatoes
4)Leafy Green Vegetables
5)Fruits, including mangoes, apricots, and plums
7)Yellow Maize

What does Vitamin A do?

Vitamin A mainly helps us in any way for our body and skin.

It plays a crucial role in:-
3)Immune System Function
4)Function of organs like our heart, lungs, and kidneys
5)Skin health, etc.

How much Vitamin A Benefit is required by our body?

The total Vitamin A required is usually expressed as micrograms(µg) where the amount of Vitamin A adults aged between
19 to 61 need is:-
700 µg a day for men
600 µg a day for women

If you think Vitamin A is required daily if we intake vitamin A regularly. No, it stores in our liver until it is required by our body.

Is Vitamin A deficiency common nowadays?

Nowadays, People commercially fortified products like breakfast cereals and milk contain Vitamin A, as do have sufficient
nutrients like cheese, butter, and fruits with vegetables. Most people in the U.S. get enough Vitamin A from the foods they eat or intake in their bodies. Young aged children
generally require less amount of Vitamin A than adults of reproductive age and people nursing infants.

But we can see the people of Many African and Southern Asian Countries face Vitamin A deficiency a lot.

How much Vitamin A Benefit does a child need?

As children are growing, they require a high intake of vitamin A, about half as
much as an adult requires. Another important reason the high intake of Vitamin A can safeguard health from diseases.

Using Vitamin A is safety for everyone?

Vitamin A might be not the right choice for everyone. Too much of
everything is the bad same way too much oral or topical Vitamin A can cause a lot of side effects. It can even be harmful,
especially to those people who are already suffering from health diseases or skin diseases.

Other ways to get and maintain healthy skin:-
1)Sleep 7 to 9 hours at night
2)Eat a nutritional diet that is rich in antioxidants.
3)Avoid Smoking, and try to quit if you smoke.
4) Don’t take junk food.

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