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What do the people of Assam like to eat in the winter?

Assam, a northeastern state in India, boasts a rich culture and diverse cuisine. During the winter season, the people of Assam enjoy indulging in warm and hearty meals to keep them cozy and satisfied. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the popular winter foods of Assam.

Duck Meat Curry:

Duck meat curry is one of the most popular winter dishes in Assam. People slow-cook the meat with a blend of aromatic spices such as ginger, garlic, and cardamom, giving it a warm and comforting flavor. You can enjoy this dish with steamed rice or bread.

Aloo Pitika:

People in Assam make Aloo Pitika, a traditional dish, by mashing potatoes and adding mustard oil, onions, green chilies, and coriander leaves. They serve it with rice, lentils, or any other main course dish. Aloo Pitika is a perfect comfort food for the winter season.people of Assam


During the winter season, people in Assam enjoy Pitha, a traditional snack made with rice flour and stuffed with sweet or savory fillings such as coconut, sesame seeds, and jaggery. They usually serve Pitha with tea or as a dessert after a meal.

Fish Tenga:

Assam is famous for its fish dishes, and Fish Tenga is one of the most popular winter dishes. It is a tangy and spicy fish curry made with tomatoes, lemon, and green chilies. The dish is best enjoyed with steamed rice and a side of pickles.


In Assam, people consider Chira a popular breakfast dish, especially during the winter season. They make it by mixing flattened rice, milk, and jaggery. The dish is warming and nutritious, and they usually serve it with nuts and dried fruits.

Luchi and Aloo Dum:

Luchi and Aloo Dum is a classic winter dish in Assam. It is a deep-fried bread made with flour, and  a spicy potato curry. The dish is a favorite among Assamese households and is best enjoyed as a breakfast or lunch dish.


Assamese winter cuisine is a blend of flavors and spices that create a warm and comforting experience. From traditional dishes such as Pitha and Aloo Pitika to popular winter dishes such as Duck Meat Curry and Fish Tenga, Assam’s cuisine has something for everyone. If you are in Assam during the winter season, make sure to try these delicious dishes and experience the warm and cozy flavors of Assamese cuisine.

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